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Enjoy our exclusive brands when you order from our Melbourne team

When you’re looking for something a little bit more premium out of your foodservice provider, have a chat to the team at Hudson Pacific and check out our range of exclusive brands! We’re proud of our exclusive brands: they include the likes of Bakers Blend, Bakery Fresh, Catermax, Connoisseur, El Toro, Fina Foods, Pomodoro Bros, Spartan Brand, Superior Quality Small goods and Uncle Nick. Each of these brands will bring a superior level of quality and deliciousness to the food you produce inside your restaurant, café or catering workplace. Explore our diverse range of high quality foodstuffs today when you call our Melbourne team to make an order! 

Almond Milk
  • A delicious alternative to mainstream milk. Full of nutrients and high quality ingredients, our almond milk is perfect for anyone! The popularity of almond milk continues to rise and rise! At Hudson Pacific we are excited to be stocking a great new range of almond milk. 
Recipe: Almond Hot Chocolate
  • Our famous Almond Hot Chocolate is perfect for your lactose intolerant friends. We’re excited about the wide range of almond based milks on the market and in stock at Hudson Pacific. 

Recipe: Packs a Punch Raspberry Almond Smoothie
  • Another favourite among the lactose intolerant community, our almond smoothies are perfect for anyone seeking to try something a little different. Check out our range today when you call our team! 
Recipe: Quick Cinnamon-Almond Rice Pudding
  • A gorgeous combination of delicious almond, cinnamon and rice, this quick and delicious desert is perfect for any special occasion. 
Recipe: Asian Beef Salad
  • Perfectly health, nutritious and wholesome, our Asian Beef Salad is the perfect main meal for someone looking to watch their weight, but still enjoy something warm and nurturing. Check out this recipe for a fresh and flavoursome Asian Beef Salad, using the MasterFoods Sizzling Mongolian Meal Sauce.

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